The California Sunday Magazine

Screen Shot 2019-05-31 at 7.51.57 PM.png

Last month I was honored to be commissioned by The California Sunday Magazine to make four artworks to accompany Nicole Allen’s article “The Unknowable Kamala Harris: The complicated career of a self-proclaimed progressive prosecutor” for the June 2019 issue. I worked closely with Artistic Director Leo Jung to strategize the pieces so that they would fit with the article and the San Francisco–based magazine’s overall aesthetic.

One challenge with this project was using sourced images. I didn’t photograph Harris myself, instead I worked with Jung and his team to select images from agencies that were then used in the construction of the pieces. This is entirely new to me and added some complications to my process, as, in every other case of making Woven Portraits and similar pieces, I’ve used images that I myself took in a devoted photo shoot.

The magazine comes out in print tomorrow.